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Our Journey in Luxury

15 Publications, 3 branches with features across 4 continents, we had no idea the reach we would have 10 years after a small start in Somerset West with 4 staff members. Our publication has created huge traction for numerous Luxury brands on the Continent  With a great desire to create traction outside of our publication, saw the birth of our Bespoke Events Division, which became a perfect opportunities for Luxury brands and consumers to interact around something more meaningful .Affluence has had the privilege in working with the finest luxury brands in creating experiences second to none. Be it Gala Dinners or creating intimate settings for Private clients, we have been the forerunners to many the events within the Luxury Industry today.


Some Interisting Facts

Each event is built off an experience, Affluence prides itself for adding tremendous value within the Luxury Industry, largely pairing both luxury brands and discerning consumers. Affluence Black Client Directors are highly trained and skilled individuals geared up to ensure flawless delivery.