The Club

The Club

The Club’s World-Class Lifestyle

There is undoubtedly no other estate like Seaton. Where else can you find an Olympic-sized indoor and outdoor equestrian arena right on your doorstep, or state-of-the-art, spacious stables within walking distance of your home? The Club at Seaton offers the ultimate in equestrian facilities; its world-class lifestyle is unsurpassable.

The Royal Shaka Property Group had consulted with industry experts from dressage, polo and show jumping to create facilities that are of international standards. Approximately R85 million has been dedicated to creating these Olympic standard equestrian facilities for The Club.

State-of-the-art stables

Seaton offers residents the opportunity to purchase one of 96-unit stables. With one horse allocated per stable unit, which is 4m x 4m; residents will take pleasure in having their horse taken care of and living only a stone’s throw away from their home.


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