Seaton Equestrian Estate.

Seaton Equestrian Estate.

Introducing Seaton


“I have a simple taste, only the best.” – Oscar Wilde

From country to coast, Seaton presents a diverse lifestyle across 411 hectares of KwaZulu-Natal’s prime North Coast land. Boasting integrated living, this estate is home to world-class equestrian opportunities, exquisite beach residences, generous retirement offerings, retail and markets, offices as well as direct access to private schooling. Characterised by the historic green grasslands, gentrified rural environment, mesmerising ocean, and rehabilitated riparian habitat, Seaton introduces a unique way of living on a grand scale.

This new-generation estate will set a new standard of luxury living, with innovation and sustainability as core principles. There are so many components that make up Seaton; with Phase 1 now launched with stands starting from R990 000, this is your opportunity to secure a spacious, prime North Coast piece of land. Book your site visit and experience Seaton first-hand.

The Restoration Of The Manor House

Seaton has been designed around the legendary heritage site now known as the Manor House, which was built over 100-years ago. The Manor House holds a special significance to the North Coast community and has gained the title of “the heart” of Seaton. It was paramount that the Royal Shaka Property Group’s restorative efforts were true to the architecture and design, and therefore invested approximately R11,5 million to ensure the renovations were completed to impeccable standards.

The Manor House has transformed into a mirror image of the architectural renders shared and is a glimpse of how The Club is set to transform under the Royal Shaka Property Group’s vision. Residents and visitors will enjoy dining at the bespoke restaurant run by popular Ray’s Kitchen, as well as having access to a whiskey lounge and billiard room. The rooftop deck gives visitors the opportunity to watch an array of equestrian activities while relaxing with friends.

Seaton Redefines Estate Living

A recent study by New World Wealth confirms that developers are now choosing to create small neighbourhoods within estates, as opposed to having homes spaced evenly around a large property. Seaton is the perfect example of this and is KwaZulu-Natal’s first glimpse of what this new model of development will be like. The Royal Shaka Property Group, which consists of Collins Residential, Grindrod Bank and Nhlangano Sokhela, are redefining estate living in KwaZulu-Natal.

Seaton is situated along 411 hectares of KZN’s prime North Coast land. While it’s first phase may be equestrian focused, the holistic estate aims at providing a secure place to call home for an array of individuals and families.


Unrivalled Equestrian Living At Seaton

Seaton will be the home of unrivalled, world-class equestrian offerings in KwaZulu-Natal, that will be of international standards. Giving passionate horse lovers the opportunity to live within walking distance to a world-class stabling facility, where their horses will be kept. Consisting of 87 stands ranging from 900m² to 13 000m², residents from different lifestyle spectrums can all enjoy a piece of this country lifestyle.

This equestrian haven presents a variety of different experiences and allows residents to explore various paths with their horse. Whether you are looking for something surrounded by nature or want to gallop freely along the oceans edge, there is a new adventure to be experienced.


The Club’s World-Class Lifestyle

There is undoubtedly no other estate like Seaton. Where else can you find an Olympic-sized indoor and outdoor equestrian arena right on your doorstep, or state-of-the-art, spacious stables within walking distance of your home? The Club at Seaton offers the ultimate in equestrian facilities; its world-class lifestyle is unsurpassable.

The Royal Shaka Property Group had consulted with industry experts from dressage, polo and show jumping to create facilities that are of international standards. Approximately R85 million has been dedicated to creating these Olympic standard equestrian facilities for The Club.

State-of-the-art stables

Seaton offers residents the opportunity to purchase one of 96-unit stables. With one horse allocated per stable unit, which is 4m x 4m; residents will take pleasure in having their horse taken care of and living only a stone’s throw away from their home.