Vanessa Gounden

The Bellona Collection

About Vanessa Gounden

Vanessa combines original artworks and photography to create highly unique and contemporary prints. Her work is easily distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail and luxurious fabrics. Also, signature to the brand, and present in every collection, is the Vanessa Trench, a coat-dress cut with a strong, classic feminine silhouette, and a personal favourite, the versatile scuba print dress, which is by far the most exquisite and easy-to-wear luxury piece.

With a strong sense of citizenship and responsibility, Vanessa is committed to uncover and sponsor new artists as well as train and employ craftsman, tailors and seamstresses in fine skills and pattern matching. Artistry and techniques already used in Vanessa Gounden creations have revived bygone textile skills and provided employment to local artisans, not only in her South African based Atelier but also in various parts of the world where remarkable talent is discovered

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