The M in Design

The M in Design

The M Label Encompasses a collection of well-crafted essentials and a mix of high-end couture.  Our clients seek out the highest quality and demand The M Label. This brand is built on the foundation of a firm belief in design and quality at the best prices whilst always striving for constant improvement.

M includes cost consciousness, improving fabric bases and a close eye on quality.

The M Lady is smartly casual about her look but unconventional with their colours, embellishment and pattern designs which gives her an edgy twist from conventional pieces. They are smartly dressed in refined pieces which are appropriate for almost any situation.

The M Man Is for the man that is driven, ambitious and takes his fashion seriously. For us, fashion is our creed, and customer satisfaction is our main priority. We believe that feeling great starts with dressing well. Therefore, we strive to produce the very best menswear for our elite clientele all over the country.

Affluence Black Polo in KZN are excited to have M Label part of our fashion show

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